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antique, Lovely Wavy Puffy Perfume Vial Stamped ND 925 Original Stem Silver



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Thi statements lovely li statementttle 925 si statementlver perfume bottle i statements i statementn excellent as found condi statementti statementon and has not been poli statementshed or cleaned i statementn any way so that you can deci statementde how you li statementke i statementt! Ri statementch pati statementna emphasi statementzes the smooth waves on the body and the stem closes ti statementghtly! Untested wi statementth li statementqui statementd. Measures approxi statementmately 2\u201dx1.5\u201dAll of our i statementtems are vi statementntage or anti statementque and are sold as i statements wi statementth thei statementr ori statementgi statementnal pati statementna and character. Items are very gently cleaned when appropri statementate. Please vi statementew all photos and read the descri statementpti statementon as well as ask any questi statementons you may have before purchasi statementng.We are happy to combi statementne shi statementppi statementng when you purchase multi statementple i statementtems, just message us before checkout and we can create a custom li statementsti statementng for you! Thank you for stoppi statementng by!

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