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These earri cosplay accessoriesngs are i cosplay accessoriesnspi cosplay accessoriesred by Sai cosplay accessorieslor Moons dangli cosplay accessoriesng crescent moon earri cosplay accessoriesngs. They are on a stai cosplay accessoriesnless steel round clasp hoop earri cosplay accessoriesng and a gold plated si cosplay accessorieslver crescent moon hangi cosplay accessoriesng from a rosary style chai cosplay accessoriesn wi cosplay accessoriesth rai cosplay accessoriesnbow moonstones.Descri cosplay accessoriespti cosplay accessorieson:Si cosplay accessoriesze: 2 i cosplay accessoriesnches i cosplay accessoriesn lengthColor: Si cosplay accessorieslver/Gold/Whi cosplay accessorieste/Blue/BlackOri cosplay accessoriesgi cosplay accessoriesn: Cali cosplay accessoriesforni cosplay accessoriesaPackagi cosplay accessoriesng: placed i cosplay accessoriesn padded jewelry gi cosplay accessoriesft box, wrapped i cosplay accessoriesn bubble wrap and shi cosplay accessoriespped i cosplay accessoriesn large bubble mai cosplay accessoriesler*************Please see shop poli cosplay accessoriesci cosplay accessorieses before orderi cosplay accessoriesng.*****************Magi cosplay accessoriesc and Hi cosplay accessoriesstory:Moonstone has been a tangi cosplay accessoriesble connecti cosplay accessorieson to the magi cosplay accessoriesc of the moon - an amulet of protecti cosplay accessorieson for travelers, a gi cosplay accessoriesft of lovers for passi cosplay accessorieson, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wi cosplay accessoriessdom. Our ti cosplay accessorieses to the moon are strong. As i cosplay accessoriest waxes and wanes i cosplay accessoriesn cycli cosplay accessoriesc perfecti cosplay accessorieson, i cosplay accessoriest creates the ti cosplay accessoriesdes and rhythms of our mother, Earth, and i cosplay accessoriesnfluences our behavi cosplay accessoriesors, emoti cosplay accessoriesons and spi cosplay accessoriesri cosplay accessoriestual growth. Moonstone calms and encourages, teachi cosplay accessoriesng us the natural rhythms of li cosplay accessoriesfe.Blue Moonstone promotes: clari cosplay accessoriesty of the mi cosplay accessoriesnd and i cosplay accessoriesnner vi cosplay accessoriessi cosplay accessorieson, keepi cosplay accessoriesng one focused whi cosplay accessoriesle i cosplay accessoriesn a medi cosplay accessoriestati cosplay accessoriesve or altered state of awareness. It i cosplay accessoriess parti cosplay accessoriescularly helpful i cosplay accessoriesn seei cosplay accessoriesng emoti cosplay accessoriesonal patterns and li cosplay accessoriesfe lessons, and i cosplay accessoriesn balanci cosplay accessoriesng yi cosplay accessoriesn and yang energi cosplay accessorieses.Addi cosplay accessoriesti cosplay accessoriesonal i cosplay accessoriesnformati cosplay accessorieson:Si cosplay accessorieslver reacts to aci cosplay accessoriesds i cosplay accessoriesn the ski cosplay accessoriesn and other products such as loti cosplay accessoriesons. If the si cosplay accessorieslver turns your ski cosplay accessoriesn green or a dark color, you may have hi cosplay accessoriesgh ski cosplay accessoriesn aci cosplay accessoriesdi cosplay accessoriesty. "When a metal turns your ski cosplay accessoriesn green i cosplay accessoriest's ei cosplay accessoriesther because of a chemi cosplay accessoriescal reacti cosplay accessorieson between aci cosplay accessoriesds i cosplay accessoriesn your ski cosplay accessoriesn and the metal or a reacti cosplay accessorieson between another substance on your ski cosplay accessoriesn, such as a loti cosplay accessorieson and the metal of the ri cosplay accessoriesng.""A common culpri cosplay accessoriest i cosplay accessoriess si cosplay accessorieslver, whi cosplay accessoriesch i cosplay accessoriess found i cosplay accessoriesn sterli cosplay accessoriesng si cosplay accessorieslver jewelry, plati cosplay accessoriesng for i cosplay accessoriesnexpensi cosplay accessoriesve jewelry, and as an alloyi cosplay accessoriesng metal i cosplay accessoriesn most gold jewelry. Aci cosplay accessoriesds cause the si cosplay accessorieslver to oxi cosplay accessoriesdi cosplay accessoriesze, whi cosplay accessoriesch produces tarni cosplay accessoriessh. The tarni cosplay accessoriessh can leave a dark ri cosplay accessoriesng on your fi cosplay accessoriesnger."Please read the li cosplay accessoriesnk below for addi cosplay accessoriesti cosplay accessoriesonal i cosplay accessoriesnformati cosplay accessorieson.http://chemi cosplay cosplay accessoriesstry/f/Why-Do-Ri cosplay accessoriesngs-Turn-Your-Fi cosplay accessoriesnger-Green.htm

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