Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver tone, Necklace set of 3 silver tone chain with crystal Rhinestone Vintage C'1980's



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Thi crystal rhinestones set of 3 pretty necklaces wi crystal rhinestoneth si crystal rhinestonelver tone chai crystal rhinestonen and a si crystal rhinestonengle crystal rhi crystal rhinestonenestone pendant.The chai crystal rhinestonen i crystal rhinestones approx 16 "They are qui crystal rhinestonete a bargai crystal rhinestonen and are i crystal rhinestonedeal for party favours or even resale. They would be a pretty addi crystal rhinestoneti crystal rhinestoneon to any ladi crystal rhinestonees jewellery box.They were part of a large lot of jewellery and jewellery components that I purchased some years ago and had beeni crystal rhinestonen storage si crystal rhinestonence the 1980'. Despi crystal rhinestonete thei crystal rhinestoner age and bei crystal rhinestoneng i crystal rhinestonen storage they are i crystal rhinestonen excellent vi crystal rhinestonentage condi crystal rhinestoneti crystal rhinestoneon.As i crystal rhinestones often the case wi crystal rhinestoneth my vi crystal rhinestonentage i crystal rhinestonetems stock i crystal rhinestones very li crystal rhinestonemi crystal rhinestoneted.

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