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vintage bangle, Vintage Chunky A-Symmetric Creamy White Lucite Bangle circa 1940s



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A chunky Asymmetri 1940s jewellerycal Luci 1940s jewelleryte Bangle. It probably started out whi 1940s jewelleryte, but thi 1940s jewellerys has now aged to a loved creamy i 1940s jewelleryvory tone. i 1940s jewelleryn A wonderful addi 1940s jewelleryti 1940s jewelleryon to any vi 1940s jewelleryntage collecti 1940s jewelleryon or outfi 1940s jewelleryt! Inner ci 1940s jewelleryrcumference 8 i 1940s jewellerynchesThe bracelet i 1940s jewellerys i 1940s jewelleryn fabulous condi 1940s jewelleryti 1940s jewelleryon for i 1940s jewelleryt\u2019s age! Luci 1940s jewelleryte was fi 1940s jewelleryrst marketed by DuPont i 1940s jewelleryn 1937 and began to appear i 1940s jewelleryn costume jewellery soon afterwards. Li 1940s jewelleryke Bakeli 1940s jewelleryte, i 1940s jewelleryt i 1940s jewellerys a thermoset plasti 1940s jewelleryc. Luci 1940s jewelleryte could be moulded, cast, lami 1940s jewellerynated, i 1940s jewellerynlai 1940s jewelleryd and carved. Although i 1940s jewelleryn i 1940s jewelleryts ori 1940s jewellerygi 1940s jewellerynal state i 1940s jewelleryt i 1940s jewellerys clear and colorless, i 1940s jewelleryt could be ti 1940s jewellerynted any colour.Good pi 1940s jewelleryeces are very collecti 1940s jewelleryble and sought after by collectors to thi 1940s jewellerys day.

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