Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green turquoise, Floral necklace



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\u201cI want to rock your gypsy soulJust li turquoise necklaceke way back I\u2019m the days of,oldThen magni turquoise necklacefi turquoise necklacecently we wi turquoise necklacell floatInto the mysti turquoise necklacec\u201dThi turquoise necklaces beauti turquoise necklaceful bronze organi turquoise necklacecally shaped pendant has a subtle flower desi turquoise necklacegn. It hangs from an oxi turquoise necklacedi turquoise necklacezed (darkened) sterli turquoise necklaceng si turquoise necklacelver chai turquoise necklacen.Chai turquoise necklacen length: 24 i turquoise necklacenchesPendant si turquoise necklaceze: 1 i turquoise necklacench tall by 3/4 i turquoise necklacenches wi turquoise necklacede

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