Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver charm, Vintage Nuvo 1960s 925 Silver 'Old Woman In A Shoe' Opening Charm. Silver Boot Charm.



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Vi vintage jewelryntage Nuvo 1960s 925 Si vintage jewelrylver 'Old Woman In A Shoe' Openi vintage jewelryng Charm.Please note, the 1p pi vintage jewelryece i vintage jewelryn the last photograph i vintage jewelrys just to gi vintage jewelryve an i vintage jewelryndi vintage jewelrycati vintage jewelryon of si vintage jewelryze and i vintage jewelrys not i vintage jewelryncluded i vintage jewelryn the sale!Composi vintage jewelryti vintage jewelryon:The charm i vintage jewelrys made of 925 sterli vintage jewelryng si vintage jewelrylver. It opens up to reveal a fi vintage jewelrygures i vintage jewelrynsi vintage jewelryde whi vintage jewelrych I beli vintage jewelryeve are the 'Old Woman' and her chi vintage jewelryldren.Si vintage jewelryze:The charm measures approxi vintage jewelrymately 1.9cm i vintage jewelryn length at the longest poi vintage jewelrynt and approxi vintage jewelrymately 1.3cm i vintage jewelryn hei vintage jewelryght at the hi vintage jewelryghest poi vintage jewelrynt.Condi vintage jewelryti vintage jewelryon:The charm i vintage jewelrys i vintage jewelryn good vi vintage jewelryntage condi vintage jewelryti vintage jewelryon wi vintage jewelryth some small marks to the metal and some tarni vintage jewelryshi vintage jewelryng and sli vintage jewelryght di vintage jewelryscolourati vintage jewelryon to the metal. The catch that opens and closes the charm i vintage jewelrys a li vintage jewelryttle loose but sti vintage jewelryll works fi vintage jewelryne. The charm i vintage jewelrys si vintage jewelrygned Nuvo and si vintage jewelrylver on the undersi vintage jewelryde (I don't clean si vintage jewelrylver or gold jewellery as some people li vintage jewelryke the authenti vintage jewelryci vintage jewelryty of the pati vintage jewelryna and tarni vintage jewelryshi vintage jewelryng on old jewellery). Please have a good look at the photographs.Please have a read of shop poli vintage jewelryci vintage jewelryes before maki vintage jewelryng your purchase.

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