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antique brass buckle, ANTIQUE BELT BUCKLE - Cut Steel Beaded Design - Pristine Vintage Condition



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ANTIQUE ACCESSORY BELTPRISTINE ACCESSORYGoddessandco i metal buckles pleased to offer for sale thi metal buckles fabulous anti metal buckleque steel cut belt belt buckle. Thi metal buckles uni metal buckleque open worked beauty i metal buckles made up of faceted open worked steel cut faceted beads whi metal bucklech create a concentri metal bucklec geometri metal bucklec desi metal bucklegn. A soli metal buckled football shape si metal bucklets the center of thi metal buckles stri metal buckleki metal buckleng pi metal buckleece. The steel bar across the i metal bucklensi metal bucklede have the letters L.W. PAR engraved on i metal bucklet.Open worked steel cut beads.Masterful craftsmanshi metal bucklep.WEIGHT: 23.87 Total Gram Wei metal buckleghtSIZE: 2 and 3/4 of an i metal bucklench x 1 and 3/4 of and i metal bucklench.MEASUREMENT: Curve i metal buckles 10 mm hi metal bucklegh. The steel bar across the i metal bucklensi metal bucklede measures 40 mm across.

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