Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

garnet necklace, Vintage BOHEMIAN GARNET Continuous Cluster Necklace- Natural Gems - Pyrope Garnets - Estate Jewels - Pristine Condition - Multi Shaped Bead



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ANTIQUE GEMSTONE BOHEMIAN GARNET CONTINUOUS CLUSTER NECKLACE GODDESSANDCO i garnet gemss pleased to offer for sale thi garnet gemss fabulous vi garnet gemsntage Conti garnet gemsnuous Bohemi garnet gemsan garnet cluster necklace featuri garnet gemsng beauti garnet gemsfully poli garnet gemsshed clusters of dark red pyrope garnets that alternate wi garnet gemsth di garnet gemsamond shaped flat garnet beads and smooth round beads. The contrast between the cluster of round beads wi garnet gemsth the flat top table di garnet gemsamond shaped beads creates a beauti garnet gemsful stati garnet gemson necklace. A stunni garnet gemsng look that wi garnet gemsll add to any outfi garnet gemst.Excellent Condi garnet gemsti garnet gemsonSIZE: 26 i garnet gemsnches longWEIGHT: 52.19 Total gram wei garnet gemsghtMEASUREMENT: Clusters are 10 mm i garnet gemsn di garnet gemsameter, round beads are 5 mm i garnet gemsn di garnet gemsameter and the di garnet gemsamond shapes 7 mm wi garnet gemsde.*

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