Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

labeled, ARTISAN Designer Necklace - Handcrafted - Natural Agate- Healing Stones



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ARTISAN FINE DESIGNER HANDCRAFTED AUTUMN COLOR ONE OF A KIND NECKLACEGODDESSANDCO i artisan necklaces pleased to offer for sale, thi artisan necklaces deli artisan necklaceci artisan necklaceous round faceted heali artisan necklaceng agate stone necklace wi artisan necklaceth gold bronze di artisan necklacesc bead spacers An exclusi artisan necklaceve uni artisan necklaceque creati artisan necklaceon by BKF Enterpri artisan necklaceses for Goddessandco. Fully hallmarked, si artisan necklacegned, stamped and taggedMEASUREMENT:19 i artisan necklacenches longSIZE: Beads are 13mm i artisan necklacen di artisan necklaceameterWEIGHT: 11.31 Total Gram Wei artisan necklaceght

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