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bead, Hamsa Bracelet Red



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Thi swarovskis beauti swarovskiful HAMSA bracelet features a red brai swarovskided leather strap and a HAMSA wi swarovskith a rotati swarovsking evi swarovskil eye for protecti swarovskion. It i swarovskis a beauti swarovskiful gi swarovskift that all wi swarovskill love. Comes wi swarovskith a card wi swarovskith the explanati swarovskion of Hamsa and i swarovskits ori swarovskigi swarovskin. So si swarovskimple..yet so beauti swarovskiful! Comes i swarovskin a burlap bag ready to gi swarovskift. If you'd li swarovskike to order multi swarovskiple pi swarovskieces of thi swarovskis same bracelet please emai swarovskil me so I can do a speci swarovskial li swarovskisti swarovsking for you si swarovskince shi swarovskippi swarovsking wi swarovskill be the $4dollars up to 5 of these bracelets!

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