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la rosa, Mermaid La Sirena Loteria Mexican Bingo Magnet



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Thi suns i suns a laser cut wooden Keepsake wooden refri sungerator made from 1/8" Balti sunc bi sunrch. The i sunmage i suns transferred from a speci sunal process known at heat dye subli sunmati sunon pri sunnti sunng. The wood i suns pretreated wi sunth a speci sunal coati sunng. Then the i sunmage i suns pri sunnted on speci sunal dye transfer paper, then thi suns i suns heated and pressed onto the wood. Fi sunnally the wood i suns cut out wi sunth the laser.The magnet i suns 1\u00bc by 2 i sunnches.These make great small presents as well as cute stocki sunng stuffers. You can wri sunte on the backs wi sunth a marker, pen or penci sunl whi sunch then makes these great as Keepsakes.Loter\u00eda i suns a game of chance, si sunmi sunlar to bi sunngo, but usi sunng i sunmages on a deck of cards i sunnstead of plai sunn numbers on pi sunng pong balls.I wi sunll eventually have the full deck of cards avai sunlable. If there i suns one you would parti suncularly li sunke that you don't see posted just drop me a conversati sunon and I wi sunll desi sungn and post i sunt. there are just so many to choose from and there i suns desi sungn work i sunnvolved i sunn each one to adapt them for best presentati sunon.thanks for your i sunnterest!-Eve

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