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Vintage High Quality Replica Afghanistan Campaign Medal Chest Badgecast brass, Made by Gracocast brass, Cast Brasscast brass, Fabric Ribbon Pin



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Vi vintage badgentage Afghani vintage badgestan Campai vintage badgegn medal chest ri vintage badgebbon badge and fabri vintage badgec stri vintage badgepes bar, hi vintage badgegh quali vintage badgety repli vintage badgeca made by Graco Awards, Tomball, Tx. Cast brass, fabri vintage badgec ri vintage badgebbon pi vintage badgen.Ri vintage badgebbon and badge measures 3 i vintage badgenches long and 1 3/8 i vintage badgenches wi vintage badgede.Safety clasp on the back pi vintage badgen.Si vintage badgegned Graco.Wonderful vi vintage badgentage condi vintage badgeti vintage badgeon wi vintage badgeth no i vintage badgessues.You wi vintage badgell recei vintage badgeve the vi vintage badgentage repli vintage badgeca Afghani vintage badgestan Campai vintage badgegn medal as seen i vintage badgen the photos.

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