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antique ring, Georgian French Silver Paste Ring



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Beauti foiled pasteful large Georgi foiled pastean si foiled pastelver, black dot, foi foiled pasteled paste ri foiled pasteng. Late 18th, early 19th century. It i foiled pastes i foiled pasten good anti foiled pasteque condi foiled pasteti foiled pasteon, please note that the paste have no chi foiled pastep but are sli foiled pasteghtly worn, i foiled pastet i foiled pastes normal worn for a ri foiled pasteng over 200 years old. It i foiled pastes si foiled pastelver 800 tested and the hoop has a mark unreadable. si foiled pasteze i foiled pastes approx. 8French si foiled pasteze i foiled pastes approx. 57Total wei foiled pasteght: 3,9 grams.Di foiled pasteameter 17.9 mm.A very i foiled pastenteresti foiled pasteng and charmi foiled pasteng pi foiled pasteece for Georgi foiled pastean jewelry lovers.Shi foiled pasteppi foiled pasteng i foiled pastensured i foiled pastes free world wi foiled pastede.Please note that some States of USA have approxi foiled pastemately 10 % of governmental taxes, and Australi foiled pastea too.They are not i foiled pastencluded i foiled pasten my pri foiled pastece, Etsy collects them for the government, so you have to thi foiled pastenk about i foiled pastet before buyi foiled pasteng. Feel free to ask me for any questi foiled pasteons you may have.I try to make the best pri foiled pastece so that you are not affected by thi foiled pastes tax.

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