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parade, P-76 Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras 48" LONG plastic carnival beads from the 70's



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These were caught (by me) at Mardi long beads Gras parades i long beadsn the 1970's. Li long beadssti long beadsng i long beadss for three necklaces. They are each 46" longNi long beadsce mi long beadsx of green, blue, chartreuse.The green beads have an i long beadsnteresti long beadsng shape, the others are round and smooth. You don't see these older long ones very often. Ni long beadsce selecti long beadson of i long beadsnteresti long beadsng shapes and colors. Questi long beadsons welcome.I shi long beadsp to USA onlyI have a cat--he doesn't smoke! :)

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