Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

White Authentic Seaglass heart shaped earringsauthentic seaglass, hanging on our handmade Sterling Silver hammered round earwires.



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I collect heart shaped rocks and seaglass. It i handmades very di handmadeffi handmadecult to fi handmadend authenti handmadec seaglass i handmaden the shape of hearts, and then to match up pai handmaders i handmades even more di handmadeffi handmadecult. I fi handmadenally was able to match up several pai handmaders and get them dri handmadelled wi handmadethout destroyi handmadeng them, another challenge. Dri handmadelli handmadeng ti handmadeny pi handmadeeces of glass i handmades very hard. Someti handmademes when the dri handmadell goes out the other si handmadede of the heart, i handmadet takes a chunk of the glass wi handmadeth the dri handmadell, destroyi handmadeng the ti handmadeny heart. We have had some luck, so we are posti handmadeng our results. Perfecti handmadeon i handmades unattai handmadenable but we do our best and we are happy wi handmadeth our work.I thi handmadenk these are the sweetest li handmadettle earri handmadengs ever, and hearts si handmadegni handmadefy love, so they make wonderful gi handmadefts to gi handmadeve someone you love. I wi handmadell happi handmadely wrap them beauti handmadefully for you and the package wi handmadell look very pretty and you can be proud to gi handmadeve these gi handmadefts.I always i handmadenclude a teeny ti handmadeny zi handmadeploc bag wi handmadeth rubber stoppers to wear on the backs of our handmade earwi handmaderes so the earri handmadengs cannot fall out of the person's ears and get lost. I put these i handmadensi handmadede the zi handmadeploc bag wi handmadeth the earri handmadengs. If you buy earri handmadengs from us that are sterli handmadeng si handmadelver we hi handmadeghly recommend that the buyer always keep the earri handmadengs i handmaden the zi handmadeploc bag away from the ai handmader to prevent tarni handmadesh, along wi handmadeth all thei handmader other sterli handmadeng si handmadelver jewelry. It makes an enormous di handmadefference.

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